Medical devices certification (including of IVD AIMD)
Product name Product name
Soft Contact Lenses
Soft Contact Lens type New Gen 45 Premium (MIRACLE 45)
LED Light Curing Pen
LED Light Whitening Pen
Clear Aligner applicable for forming of orthodontic braces
Model Checker
Turboring Nose Pendant
Electrolyte water producing apparatus (Alkalark)
Pain Relief Heat Patch, type HEAT COMFORT
Ultrasound Transmission Gel - SUPERSONIC
Noblesthetic Arch Wire
Dialyzer Reprocessing System
Dental Implants Type: Fixtures, Abutments, Implant surgical instruments
Cartilage Regerative Medical (CRM) Kit
Bone Regenerative Medical (BRM) Kit
Umbilical cord blood Stem Cell Regenerative Medical (USCRM) Kit
Fat Regenerative Medical (FRM) Kit
THERAFILL-collagen for correction of soft tissue contour deficiencies
THERAFILL-collagen for correction of soft tissue contour deficiencies
TheraForm TM - absorbable atelocollagen implant for soft tissue regeneration agent
MRM Kit TM, CartiFill TM, DuoFillTM
"Orthodontic Ceramic Brackets, type PERFECT CLEAR and Orthodontic Wires, type PERFECT"
Personal Hair Laser
Personal Skin Care
X-ray Bone Densitometer
C.S.A. Articulator
Laser Obesity therapy
Electro-magnetic Stimulator SALUS-TALENT
Professional Vitality Testing System
Q-switched Nd:Yang laser Therapeutical Equipment
Ultrasonic Dental Scaler
Air polisher (Easy-Flow)
Vacuum former (Easy Vac - Plus)
Combinational Stimulator
Combinational Stimulator
Combinational Stimulator
SURGISORB Absorbable PGA Suture
BIOMESH - Biodegradable GTR Barrier
Compressible Limb Therapy System
Protecting Tapes
Disposable Insulin Syringes
Insulin Pen Needle
Insulin Pen Needle
CO2 Ultra Laser System
Anti-Decubitus Air Mattress
Anesthesia workstation
Concentrate Delivery System
Electric Breast Pump
Electric Nebulizer
Sterile Trocars for Endoscopic Surgery
Sterile Specimen Retrieval Pouch
Digital Refractor
Auto Chart Projector
Surgical Laser Instrument
Automatic Refracto-Keratometer
Auto Vision Tester
Polarized LCD Chart System
Bone Graft Substitute
Unfrared Ear Thermometer
Dental Implant System (Fixtures & Abutments)
Metallic Spinal Bone Fixator
Personal Urine Collector with Bidet
Laser apparatus for medical use
Laser surgical apparatus for medical use
Wireless Digital Stethoscope
Disposable Lancet
Diagnostic X-ray Radiographic System
X-Ray Collimator
Compressible Limb Therapy System
Sterile Trocars for Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery
High Frequency Stimulator
Combination Stimulator
Ophthalmic Unit & Chair
Portable Dental X-ray System
Orthodontic Ceramic Bracket
RGP Contact Lenses
High-Frequency Stimulator
Disposable Syringe
Personal Low Frequency Stimulator
Bone Graft
Electrosurgical Units
Electrical Thermometer
Hyperthermia System
Blood Lancets
Digital Refractor
"Ceramic Dental Casting Alloys Non-precious Dental Casting Alloys"
Prefillable Glass Syringe
Hair Regain Mesotherapy solution Skin Rejuvenating Mesotherapy Solution
Absorbable collagen membrane COLLAGUIDE
Electric Breast Pump
Laser surgical apparatus
Backbone Recovery System
Pedicle Screw Spinal Fixation System
Backbone Recovery System
Pedicle Screw Spinal Fixation System
Safety and Restraint Products
Great Digital Ahhesive Bandages
Silicone Rubber Foley Balloon Catheter for Single Use
Bed Cover, Absorbable Pad, Surgical Gown, Operation Kit
Medical scissors for single use
Disposable ECG Electrodes
Small Steam Sterilizer
Metallic Bone Screws, Metallic Bone Plates, Intramedullary Nailing System, Spinal Fixation System
Laser Treatment System
IPL Photorejuvenation Treatment System (with RF function)
Nd:YAG Q-Switched Laser Treatment System
RF Beauty Systems
RF Beauty Systems
Delivery & Multi-functional Gynecological Examining Bed
Automatic tourniquet System
Electrical Impedance Scanning System
Dental loupes and surgical loupes
Nasal Spray (Physiological Sea Water)
Oral Syringe
Medical Electric Saw & Drill System
Continuous Passeve Motion System
Electric Plaster Cutting Saw
Electrosurgical Electrodes and Accessories
Medical Electrodes and Accessories
Disposable Microinjury Peritomy Anastomoses Device
Far-Infrared Massage Physiotherapy Bed
Far-Infrared Massage Physiotherapy Bed
Far-Infrared Massage Physiotherapy Bed
Electrical Blood Pressure Meter
Cotton Swab, Gauze Pad, Tongue depresor
Medical pad for single use, Medical swab for single use, Cotton ball
Medicine Cup
Integral Dental Unit
Absorbable surgical suture PGLA 910 (POLYGLACTIN 910)
Absorbable surgical suture PDO (POLYDIOXANONE)
Absorbable surgical suture PGA (POLYGLYCOLIC ACID)
Electrosurgical Generator
Disposable Tracheal Tubes and Reinforced Tracheal Tubes
Small Steam Sterilizer
Diagnostic X-Ray Equipment
Dental Oral Camera
Dental Curing Light
Apex Locator
Integral Dental Unit Chair
Nasal Spray (Physiological Sea Water), model BORNE
Infusion Sets for Single Use (with Needle)
Sterile Syringes for Single Use (with Needle)
Steam Sterilizer
Synthetic absorbable Sutures (PGA, PDO, PGLA)
Orthopedic Casting Tape and Splint
Shaolin Electronic Acupuncture Apparatus
Kang Zhu Far-infrared Protectors
Magic Cups (Complex Frequency Device )
PerClot Polysacharide Hemostatic Systerm Models: PerClot Standard; PerClot Laparoskopic, PerClot Endoscopic, Perclot Express SuperClot Absorbable Polysacharide Hemostat
Absorbable Polysaccharide Hemostat
Absorbable Polysaccharide Sponge
Automatic Arm and Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
Syringe Infusion Pump
Syringe Pump
Auto Ref / Keratometer
Disposable I. V. Catheter
Handpiece Tip
Disposable Reinforced Endotracheal Tubes
Single-use Biopsy Forceps
Disposable Hot Biopsy Forceps
Disposable Hot Biopsy Forceps
Mercury free clinical thermometer
Mercury clinical thermometer
ARC Non-absorbable Surgical Sutures
ARC Absorbable Surgical Sutures

Product name Product name
ION LMD Microdissection system, non-contact laser tissue cutting system for molecular genetics analysis
Microdissection System, Non-contact laser tissue cutting system for molecular genetics analysis
HPV Genotyping DNA Chip Kit, DNA oligonucleotide chip designed to identify 22 Human Papillomavirus genotypes
Disposable Hemocytometer INCYTO C-Chip
Glucose testing system (The glucose Meter and the Glucose testing strip)
Automated Chemistry Analyzer
Single-use Vacuum Blood Collection Tube
Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

Electrical products testing and certification
Product name Product name
Waterproof Micro Switch
POE Switch, applicable for control and switching of electronic data flow
Digital Power Meter
Multi Function Digital Power Meter
42 Inch LCD TV
42 Inch PDP TV
Masters Digital Temperature Controller
TOLA Automatic Titrator
stand alone motion controller
Joint Thermal Appliance, Thermal massager
Electric Massager
Integrated Health & Beauty Massager
In-Line Print-to-Mail Pressure Sealer type Mailfinisher
Portable Disinfector
Ambulance Ozone Disinfector
Equipment Disinfector
Desktop Mini-SEM
Hot & Cool Service Cart
Calibration Gas Generator
Flow Meter Controller
Notebook Computer Super Libero 2200
Control Unit for Half-body Bath
Crane Vibration Control System
DIGILOG Timeswitch
Vibration Exerciser
LED Controller
Ultrasonic Massager
High Frequency Massager
Power Film Heating Set
Combination stimulator
Electro-optical synergy beautify system

Personal protective equipment certification
Product name Product name
Protective gloves  

Construction products certification
Product name Product name
GRANDECO - PVC floor covering for indoor application, reaction to fire class EFL, formaldehyde emission class E1, slip resistance class DS
Neopor, type 25 kg/m3
Bamboo flooring
PE/Xb/Al/PE-Xb pipes and metal fittings, for pressure distribution of drinking water, hot water, central heating and low-temperature floor heating
Rustic Bamboo flooring
Carbonized Horizontal bamboo flooring
Natural Horizontal bamboo flooring
Wood Multi-Layer Engineering floor
Solid Oak Flooring
Solid white oak flooring
R. Balance - bamboo floor covering
ceramic tiles, types Fine Earthenware Tiles (Model: Ceramic tile - Yellow, Light brown); Porcelian Tiles (Model 1: Polished Tile - Pink, White, Green, Brown; Model 2: Rustic (Archaizing) Tile - Black, Yellow); Stoneware Porcelian Tiles (Model: Wear Resist
3 layer teak solid flooring
Granite Floor type G 603
Ceramics tiles

Toys certification
Product name Product name
The toy of a soccer ball shape